Monday, October 18, 2010

Swagbucks "Get a Referral Day" is today!

Do you search the web? If so, you could be earning valuable gift cards and other things for doing your normal, everyday searches. I know I have posted about Swagbucks before, but today is Swagbucks "Get a Referral Day," so I wanted to let you know that there are some extra swagbucks to be earned if you join TODAY.

Do you see the little Swagbucks square to the right? That's called a "swidget." If you click on the "Swag Codes" button and check for a code you'll find a special sign-up code that'll get you a bonus 20 Swag Bucks when you sign up (by clicking on the "Sign Up" button on the swidget or by clicking here, which they can also do from the Swidget (through your referral link, of course). This code is for people to use while signing up, NOT for people who are already members. When you sign up, there will be a line that says "Swagcode" on it. Just enter the code you get from my swidget...and you get extra bucks!

450 Swagbucks gets you a $5 Amazon gift card. We have paid for many of Donny's seminary books using Amazon gift cards through Swagbucks. Now I am saving up to buy myself something fun before the baby comes...either a new camera or a flip camera. I probably won't have enough to buy the whole thing, but I'll have close to $100 in gift cards by the time Thanksgiving/Christmas sales roll around. Yahoo!

Here are different ways you can earn swagbucks:

  1. Online searches (I just search as I normally do...nothing extra)
  2. Checking the Facebook page for special codes (Be sure to “Like” it)
  3. Checking the Swagbucks blog for special codes
  4. Downloading the Swagbucks toolbar on your computer. I get a couple swagbucks every week just for having the toolbar.

There are more ways to earn, but those are the most popular.

BONUS!!! If 5 or more people sign up on Swagbucks today through my referral link, I will give away a $5 Amazon gift card to one of my new referrals. Sound a little "pyramid schemish"? It is a little, but having referrals helps me grow this blog through being able to do giveaways like this. Hopefully you enjoy the giveaways enough to sign up and promote my blog to your friends.

Have a great day! And don't forget to sign up today to start earning and to be entered in my $5 Amazon gift card giveaway (if 5+ people sign up by 11:59 p.m. today)!

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