Saturday, March 6, 2010

Blinky Alert for Kraft Cheese!!!

Ok, this is where savvy shopping gets me excited (and where I can seem a little nutty at the same time...because it does get me so excited). Tonight I went to Publix to take advantage of their 50% off all Kellogg's cereal deal. I had some coupons that were expiring this week, and we are out of cereal. Otherwise, I might not have gone, because 50% is just like BOGO...but the coupons I had made it worth the late night trip. And the hubs is happy now, because our cereal stockpile is back up to normal.

Because I went after the kids were asleep, I had some extra time to wander the aisles of Publix (which I like to do every once in a while). I knew that Kraft Shredded and Block Cheese was on sale this week, but I didn't really need cheese...but I still went to check out the sale. Lo and behold, like a beacon in the night there was a blinky machine that was spitting out coupons for $2 off 2 packs of Kraft cheese. For a coupon crazy one like me, this was like hitting the jackpot! With cheese on sale for $1.67/pack, that coupon made the cheese $0.67/pack if I bought two! That's rock-bottom for sure, so I grabbed a couple of blinkies and got some cheese that I'll use next month in my menu...looks like Donny might get Mac and Cheese for his birthday after all!!!

If you have no idea what I am talking about, a "blinky" is a coupon you get from one of those small box machines that is hanging on the shelf of the item. It usually has a red blinking light. You pull the coupon out, and another one spits out for the next person (or for you if you are getting more than one...which is what I did tonight).

Another note of clarification...what's with the ghost? Well, Donny reminded me after I shared my excitement about the blinky I found that one of the ghosts from Ms. Pac Man (my favorite video game ever...which I am pretty sure I could school anyone in) is named "Blinky." So...if I ever post any excitement over blinkies in the future, you'll see this little guy to let you know what to look out for.

Here's where YMMV (Your mileage may vary). There is no way to know if your store will have such an amazing blinky near the Kraft Cheese. There are usually blinkies for Kraft cheese, but they are normally $1 off 2 packs (which is still a good price if paired with this week's sale). So don't make a special trip to look for this little gem...but if you are in Publix this week, check the cheese section. A little blinky might be right there waiting for you to come get some really inexpensive cheese.

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