Thursday, February 24, 2011

Publix Italian Sale - Especially HOT in Oviedo

My favorite shopping experience is "getting paid" to buy groceries. The Publix Italian Sale runs through next Wednesday or Thursday depending on how your store works, and if you live in Oviedo, you can do just that. Even if you don't live in Oviedo, the deals are still pretty good.

Here's how I got "paid" $1.50 to take home 20 cans of Green Giant Veggies in Oviedo.

Green Giant Veggies are priced at $0.85 in Oviedo (about $1.35 everywhere else) and are BOGO this week.
I bought 20 for $8.50.
I used the $5/20 select items coupon.
I also used 5 copies of the $1/4 Green Giant canned veggies coupon to get another $5 off my total.
The coupons took $10 off my total, but my canned veggie total was only $ that produced $1.50 in "overage."
I bought a box of Truvia for $1.99 (after my Truvia coupons).
My total out of pocket for 20 cans of veggies and a 40 ct. box of Truvia = $0.49

I don't know why Publix allows the combining of these coupons, but I will gladly take it. It seems to me to be two store coupons on the same items, but they allow it. I guess it's like doing a $5 off $30 purchase and a store coupon for the items in that purchase as well. Anyway...they allow it.

This scenario is only good at the Palm Valley Publix in Oviedo across from the Neighborhood Market Wal Mart (Alafaya at McCulloch). The canned veggies are still a good deal at other Publix stores. I think they are priced around $1.35, so the same scenario would be $3.50 out of pocket for 20 cans of veggies which is about $0.17 per can. Not too shabby!!!

The other amazing deal in Oviedo is Progresso soups. They are priced at $1.31 in Oviedo and are on BOGO.

Here's how it plays out with similar coupons:

20 Progresso soups for $13.10 total.
I used the $5/20 select items coupon.
I also used 5 copies of the $1/4 Progresso Products coupon to get another $5 off my total.
THEN use any of these manufacturer's coupons for additional savings:
$1/4 Progresso Soup Cans 2/13/2011 GM Insert (exp 4/9/2011)
-$1/4 Progresso Soups 1/16/2011 SS Insert (exp 3/12/2011)
-$1/4 Progresso Soup 1/2/2011 GM Insert (exp 2/26/2011)

$1/4 Progresso Soup Printable
$1/4 Progresso Soup Printable

If you only have the Publix coupons, you pay $3.10 out of pocket for 20 cans of soup.
If you can come up with 5 additional $1/4 manufacturer coupons from the list above, you will get $1.90 in overage to apply toward the rest of your groceries. Sweet!
Again, this amazing deal is at the Palm Valley Publix (Alafaya at McCulloch) in Oviedo, but it's still a good deal at other locations.

FYI, if you live in Oviedo or near Oviedo, the Palm Valley location consistently has better prices than most Publix stores. If it is convenient at all to go there, it is worth it in the extra savings.

Big thanks to my sweet and hard working hubby who made these trips to Publix for me (since he is in Oviedo 4 days a week).

If you want to see more ad match-ups for the Publix Italian Sale, you can check out I Heart Publix.
And thanks to Southern Savers for the printable Italian Sale coupons.

Happy Italian Days! I love this sale!!!

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