Thursday, February 24, 2011

Target Frozen Food Extravaganza!!!

I don't get out much these days since baby came to town, but the kids and I made our first trip to Target this week...all three of us...and boy was it worth it.

Target is running a deal regionally (Orlando is included) where you buy ANY 7 frozen foods, and you get a $5 Target gift card when you check out. You have to check your local ad (you can do that on their website) to see if your city is included in this deal. I was skeptical if it really would include ANY frozen food. Sure enough, my Target had stickers on the frozen food freezers that said ANY frozen food.

In our house, we eat a lot of frozen peas. I had recently stocked up on frozen spinach, so all I really needed was peas. I checked out their peas...$0.99/bag. WOWZA!!! I knew a good deal was in the making. I promptly started filling the front of my cart (cause Will was already covered with other items in the main part of the cart) with frozen peas. 12 bags later (and 2 bags of california blend veggies for stir fry), I proceeded to the check-out to see if this deal was really going to happen. My diaper bag (in the front) was covered with frozen veggies.

I had more things to purchase, so my plan was to buy the veggies first, reap the gift cards, and then use the 2 $5 gift cards (cause I was buying 14 bags) toward the rest of my items. This way, I am sure to use (and not lose) the gift cards.'s what I did.

12 bags frozen peas $0.99 each = $11.88
2 bags California blend veggies $1.29 each = $2.58

Total paid for veggies = $14.46
Received two $5 gift cards (for buying 14 frozen foods) = $10 back to me
Total out of pocket for 14 bags of frozen food = $4.46 ($0.32 each)

You can roll this deal as many times as you like, so if you have nothing else to buy at Target (Really? Nothing else to buy? Come's Target! It's the one store where my self-control is tested and rarely wins.), you can buy 7 frozen foods, reap the $5 gift card, and then do another transaction to buy 7 more frozen foods, use your gift card, reap another...and so on.

This deal (as far as I know) is good through Saturday. It's a great way to get a good deal without even needing to clip a coupon.

BUT...if you wanted to make it sweeter and you eat frozen veggies, there is a $1/4 Target brand frozen veggies coupon found here. You can use this in conjunction with the gift card deal to make it even sweeter. You can usually print 2 per computer.

Happy Targeting!!! And remember to use some self-control (or at least try). Target is the worst for sucking all my savings away with impulse buys. But I love it!!!

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  1. awesome! good shopping! (my first outing w/ 3 was also Target ;) and my first outing with 2 for that matter). :) I'll check to see if they have this deal in TX!