Saturday, February 27, 2010

Free Kashi Cereal (and other helpful products) through RecycleBank

Wanna take a few minutes today to get something useful for free?

Sign up for RecycleBank and get 40 points for signing up. You can also get 50 points for joining the Ebay Green Team (which, from what I can tell, doesn't commit you to anything). With those 90 points, you can search through their rewards to "buy" coupons with your points. Today, they have a coupon available for a free box of Kashi Cereal for 50 points. Pair that with a BOGO at Publix, and you have yourself two boxes of free Kashi Cereal! As I was perusing the rewards, they also have some good Huggies coupons and some free Seventh Generation products (including free baby wipes and dishwashing soap). They've even got a great men's deodorant coupon for 50 points, which would probably make for free or "moneymaker" deodorant at CVS or Walgreen's sometime soon. I think most of these coupons will be mailed to you rather than ones you would print.

Other than the 90 points I suggested above, I am not sure how to earn many more points, but I will post more points if more easy points become available.

From what I have read, RecycleBank exists to reward people for living more "green" lives. I really like the coupon offers they have. They are for more natural products that can be harder to find good deals on. Check it out, and come away with something free!

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