Thursday, February 25, 2010

Join Swagbucks Today - Get 60 swagbucks!

Hey friends,

I mentioned "Swagbucks" at the seminar Saturday. It is an online search engine that will give you "bucks" just for doing your normal searches. I use it periodically, and in the last few months, I have earned enough "Swagbucks" to get 3-4 $5 Amazon gift cards. People who do a lot more searching than I do earn more. Anyway, it's a nice way for us to have a little extra online spending money without a whole lot of effort.

Today is Swagbucks' Second Birthday. You would usually get 30 swagbucks for signing up, but TODAY ONLY you get 60. Pretty good, huh? It costs 450 for a $5 amazon gift card. It may seem like a lot, but it really doesn't take long to get there if you search the internet at all.

Here's the link where you can join: Swagbucks...Sign up today for 60 free "bucks"!

Or you can click on the "Swagbucks" link in my righthand toolbar.

Happy Searching...and Swagbuck earning!

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  1. Thanks Kim! This is so great! I've spent the last hour playing on here!
    - Haley