Sunday, May 16, 2010

Great Printables Available on

Target has posted some great coupons on their web site. Most of these coupons are store coupons which can be paired with manufacturer coupons for great savings. There is even a coupon for $3 off footwear...which will make for some cheap flip flops or other summer shoes.

I am most excited about a $1.50/3 Special K cereal coupon and $1/2 Special K Bars coupon. The great thing about those coupons is that they don't expire until August. Most of the rest of the coupons expire in June. Target always does a gift card deal on Special K at least once/quarter, so I am going to hold on to those coupons, hope for some high value manufacturer coupons, and wait for a gift card deal ($5 gift card when you buy 5...or something like that). It will make for some cheap cereal or snack items.

There are also some great coupons for Kraft products. They are mostly for a FREE product when you buy 2-3 other of the same product. You can also use manufacturer coupons on these items (even the FREE one), so you could get some good deals on cheese, salad dressing, b-b-q sauce, etc. If you got the Sunday paper today, there were some good Kraft manufacturer coupons in it that could be paired with the store coupons at Target...or there are some good printables on Most of the manufacturer coupons are for $1/2 products. I am probably going to hold off and see if some $1/1 coupons pop up before June 5 (when those Kraft Target coupons expire).

Of other note...there is a $5/$30 Cherokee Kids clothes purchase. It's a great coupon if you need to get the kids some clothes.

There are also some good band-aid and light bulb coupons that pair well with recent manufacturer coupons.

So...what I am saying is this: Go here and print off the coupons that interest you. Sometimes these good Target coupons go quickly. I printed two sets off. One on my computer and one on Donny's. I'll be clipping lots tonight as I watch the Survivor Finale.

If I see any great match-ups with these, I'll post them, but I wanted to get the word out that they are worth printing.

If you ever want the latest scoop on Target deals, I like Totally Target.

Happy Couponing this week!

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