Tuesday, May 11, 2010

HOT deal on Entertainment Coupon Books - Today Only!

If you have been waiting (like I do) to get an Entertainment Coupon Book at a reduced price, today might be your day!

Entertainment.com has their books on sale for $12 today only. Most of the coupons expire either October 31 or December 31. If you use the movie coupons in there, the money you will save going to the movies nearly covers the cost of the entire book.

The price of the book gets even lower when you buy your book by shopping through Shopathome.com. When you shop through a web site like shopathome.com, you get a rebate back on your online purchases. I hardly ever shop online now without going through a site like shopathome.com. It always produces money back on my online purchases.

Anyway, back to the Entertainment Books. Shopathome.com offers a $7 rebate on the purchase of any Entertainment coupon book. So you pay $12 today and you will get $7 back from Shopathome...it's like getting it for $5 once you get your rebate. Wait...it does get better. If you haven't shopped through shopathome.com before, you get an additional $5 cash back bonus for signing up. Guess what that means? If you are a first time shopathome customer, you will pay $12 for your Entertainment book and get back $12 in rebates. Woo Hoo!!! Free coupons!

Here's how it works:

Sign up for ShopatHome.com by clicking here or by clicking on the ShopatHome banner in the right toolbar.

Once you have signed up, start shopping by searching for entertainment.com in the search engine at the top of the page. You will be redirected to the entertainment.com web site. Put in your Zip Code, and buy your book for $12 with FREE shipping. By purchasing through shopathome.com, you will receive a rebate of $7 for purchasing the coupon book. You will also receive $5 for signing up, so you will pay $12 for the book and get back $12 in rebates for going through Shopathome.com (if you are a first time shopathome customer).

Disclaimer: Shopathome.com does not cut rebate checks until you have $20 of rebates. I was a shopathome customer for a few months before I ever got a check. So you have to wait, but it is worth it when the check comes. If you're willing to pay $12 for the book today, you might as well sign up and get the rebate someday later once you have built up to $20. You're going to shop online, right? Might as well get something back for it (even if you have to wait).

There are other online shopping web sites that I recommend that offer cash back for your online purchases. Their banners are in my right hand toolbar as well. Some of them have lower minimums to get your first check cut, but for today's deal, Shopathome.com has the best rebate ($7) for the coupon book. I have accounts with Ebates.com, Cashbaq.com, MrRebates.com, and Shopathome.com. If I make an online purchase, I just check out those web sites first and see who is offering the biggest rebate for the store from which I am making a purchase.

Happy Shopping! Here's to never shopping online without getting cash back again!

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