Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Noteworthy CVS deals this week

I just got back from a pretty good trip to CVS. Since I am an old customer there, I don't get a lot of those magical $4/$20 or $5/$30 purchase coupons anymore from the coupon scanner or in my email. When I went into CVS last week, however, I got a little gift...a $5 off a $40 purchase coupon. Not a great one...but it still saves you some if you have that much to buy. Really...I think those coupons are the best ever. You should ask Donny how I respond when I get coupons like that for CVS or Publix...I squeal in excitement. It's pretty pathetic.

Anyway, I had some rainchecks to cash in, and I needed make-up. I have been scraping the bottom of my blush for weeks now. The little crumbs of blush haven't been producing much, so it was time to suck it up and buy some make-up. With the make-up I needed, some deals going on this week, and two rainchecks I had to use, I thought I could work up a good way to total $40 and use my $5 off $40 coupon and come out pretty well...and I did. Mind you...I had no intention of actually spendind $40 today. My $5 off $40 coupon can be applied first before any manufacturer's coupons, so I had to total $40, but I did not actually pay $40. I actually only paid about $13 once I handed the cashier the rest of my coupons.

Here are some noteworthy deals:

1. CVS Sunscreen - This week you can buy 2 CVS brand sunscreens and get a $5 ECB. There are 2 oz. bottles of sunscreen that are priced anywhere from $1.99-$2.39. Mine were $2.19. Well, those little gems qualify for the ECB deal (although they do not have a sign under them). Soooo...I bought 2 of them for $2.19 each, paid $4.38 and got back a $5 ECB. Not too shabby...and a great way to roll my ECBS and make a little ($0.62) along the way. And...no coupons needed!!!

2. Crest Advantage toothbrushes - Buy one at $2.99, get $1 ECB - This deal has a limit of 2. There was a Buy One, get One Free for these toothbrushes in the 3/7 Proctor and Gamble insert, and a $2 off 1 in the 4/4 P&G insert. Sooooo...I bought two, used the $2 off coupon for the one I was buying, and I used the BOGO for the second one to get it free. I paid $0.99 and got back $2 ECBs for buying 2 of them. Some cashiers may give you funny looks for using both coupons, but it should work. You are buying one and getting one free...and you are getting $2 off the one you are buying with the other coupon. It's a $1.01 moneymaker as well.

3. Fig Newtons - The small boxes are on sale for $1 each - There is a $1/1 coupon available here through Facebook. There is no size limit on this, so you can get Fig Newtons for free. I printed two coupons on my computer and two on Donny's computer and got 4 free boxes today.

I got some other things for free (Diet Coke, Reese's Cup, Vitamin Water, Thermacare, Colgate, Body Wash), but they were from either coupons I had from a while ago or rainchecks. I used my overage and my $5/$40 to cover the purchase of a tube of Revlon lipstick and much needed blush. Overall, I spent $15 in ECBS, paid just under $2 in tax (on a gift card), and got back $17 ECBs. I didn't make much...but I got my much needed make-up and a ton of other stuff we will use. So fun when coupons and deals work out for things you actually need. It's also nice to have an agreeable three-year-old with you as well.

Happy CVSing!

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